Passing along the timeless art of Breastfeeding, one Woman at a time.


Our time together has left a lasting impression...

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"If I could go back and do anything differently with my 2 older would be to work with an in-person lactation consultant right when things got hard!"

"...I couldn't believe how quickly I bypassed all of that this time around with the help of a consultant... she is amazing."

Corrine S.


"I had such a wonderful experience with Dawnita!
All my failed attempts at breastfeeding before meeting with Dawnita were discouraging...After Dawnita's first visit, I didn't HAVE to bottle feed again. She addressed everything with gentleness and expertise.
If you find yourself needing Lactation services, Dawnita's wholesome approach is a highlight to what can easily turn into an overwhelming experience (breastfeeding)."

Brittaney C.


"Everyone says the first two weeks are the hardest...we made it!"

"We could not have survived without our lactation consultant, a huge thank you!"

Hana H.