Passing along the timeless art of Breastfeeding, one Woman at a time.

Testimonials continued

Our time together has left a lasting impression...


"Dawnita's professionalism, joy, and first hand experience, are just a few of the many traits that make her a pleasure to work with. She exudes the confidence that I needed in starting my breastfeeding journey and we are forever grateful to her!" 


"I highly recommend Dawnita for all first time mothers who desire to breastfeed their baby and mothers who haven't breastfed in years who would like a refresher."

                                                                                                       Capri G - 


Dawnita is amazing! With her knowledge, reassuring calmness, and sweet humor, she guided me (and baby) towards breastfeeding excellence!

Kamantha B. 


"I'm THE only one I know that has breastfed ... I had no one to ask advice from when it seemed impossible. Dawnita provided me with care and guidance as I provided my baby with nourishment, comfort and love... it's been a journey."  Mary T.