Passing along the timeless art of Breastfeeding, one Woman at a time.


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  • Dawnita is an IBCLC Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant along with being a Registered Nurse, Certified Public Health Nurse and Board Certified Nursing Instructor. She received her schooling from Loma Linda University with an emphasis on Social and Cultural Diversity. While working with at risk populations, traveling to Botswana, Africa and providing health care on the Navajo Indian Reservation a deep appreciation was formed both in recognizing important differences and connecting on common ground with patients. Her most important life achievements have come at home with a full family of four children and a best friend for a husband.

  • Specializing in her career as a Maternal Health Nurse, Dawnita has a well rounded experience with the birthing process, care of the newborn, maternal recovery and breastfeeding. She has had the valuable opportunity to work as an IBCLC in the hospital setting and in her Private Lactation Practice in the comfort of mothers' homes. Dawnita receives referrals from several Pediatric and OB practices in Orange County and values her good relationships with the physicians she has worked with for so many years.

  • She is honored to be able to have had a part in so many memorable moments of childbirth and families growing and looks forward to passing along knowledge and encouragement to your family as well.